“Research Journal of the University of Gdansk. Transport Economics and Logistics” is a meritorious continuation of "Research Journal of the University of Gdansk. Economics of Inland Transportation" issued since 1971. Due to system transformation, for several years a lot of articles on logistics and transport economics have been published in the journal as research results of substantive changes from single transport mode point of view into more holistic solutions, seen in transport economics and logistics. To reflect the changes a new subtitle “Transport Economics and Logistics” appeared at the journal in 2012. Nowadays, it contains original articles published on the transportation, logistics and forwarding issues from the economics point of view, especially on the market, efficiency, functionality, management, infrastructure, modeling, analysis, strategy, cases, concepts, methods and instruments. The above issues are profiled substantially into several research areas, especially transport economics; transportation market, functioning and development of transportation and logistics sector, modeling logistics processes and systems; efficiency and financial condition of transport companies and market conditions of their functioning, which are reflected in the subtitles of individual published numbers of the paper. This journal has been issued at the Faculty of Economics under the scientific edition of five Chairs of Transportation and Logistics. As a country recognized paper it has reached the top, so it has been decided that the further development of the journal should be sought in its internationalization opportunities. This reason initiated a lot of publishing changes. We have started works on preparing a new English version of our journal on international standard, and many editorial activities as implementation of Open Journal System, DOIs, external data bases and so on. Till now, we are indexed at Index Copernicus (64,50 p./2015) and available online at BazEkon or at the journal web site, but we aim to be listed at WoS, Scopus, Ebsco, and cited worldwide. Our editorial policy is based on the criteria of article’s added value to theoretical and practical knowledge, substantial and methodology correctness. Reviewers are also asked to use these criteria while assessing an article. We also use the rule of double-blind review to, w assure objectivity at t he process of review both for Reviewer and Author. At this context, we would like to invite Authors to submit manuscripts on thematic scopes covered by our journal. This invitation is also addressed to Reviewers, who are willing to cooperate with us to improve the editorial level of the journal. Last but not least, Readers are welcome to visit our editorial system to get a possibility to download archives as well as to be informed about our last publication activities.